Monday, June 21, 2010

Busy Bee

This month has been crazy busy! I have not gotten the chance to sit down and scrapbook in a couple weeks!

I am a college student who is in the process of working to get my medical office assistant diploma. I am currently studying medical terminology and just had my 2nd of 2 mid term finals. I got 99% on my first one! Awaiting my mark on the next. Also did some off campus courses this month in first aid, CPR, oxygen therapy, WHMIS and universal precautions that are part of my diploma course. I am hoping after I finish this program to actually take a further couple years to take a Lab Technician program, my passion lies with science more than sitting behind a computer in an office!

I also have seems to have engrossed myself in the adventures of Eragon, which I read the first book in 3 days! I am now reading Eldest and cant seem to take myself away from it at times. I read it on the bus on the way to and from school and whenever I can fit the time in.

Things should start to slow down again soon and I can finally get back to scrapbooking and showing you all what I come up with :) Happy scrapping!

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